M.F.A. Columbia University School of the Arts, Visual Arts, New York, NY, 2013

B.A. Yale University, Art, New Haven, CT, 2008



noogeneses // Grants, Awards & Residencies

EMAR Collar Works / The Poetry Project, New York, 2022

The Courtyard House / Heid, Aurora, Oregon, 2021-22

The Beach House / Li + Huang, Rockaway, Oregon, 2021

Aspen Crane, North Oaks, Minnesota, 2020-21

Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, Captiva, Florida, 2020

Queens Museum Studio Program / TRST, New York, 2018-20

INUNSO / IMC, Mt Fuji, Japan, 2018-19

Glass Towers / Wee, Hong Kong, 2018

Taipei Artist Village, Taipei + Alishan, Taiwan, 2018

Le Grand Chalet / Berggruen, Gstaad, Switzerland, 2017

Monte Bivera / Petris + Plozzer, Sauris, Italy, 2017

Gaumenburg / Wohlkonig, MillstatterSee, Austria, 2017

Yaji Garden, Suzhou, China, 2016-17

One Room PRACTICE, New York, 2016

Seawitch, Lantau Island, Hong Kong, 2015-16

CCA Kitakyushu, Kitakyushu, Japan, 2014-15

26 SEVERN / Cubbon, Hong Kong, 2014

Gallery Seescape AiR, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 2014

SoART, MillstatterSee, Austria, 2013-16

Tropical Lab / LASALLE College of the Arts, ICAS, Singapore, 2013

The Fallen Tower / M. Ritchie, Detroit, Michigan, 2013 

LeRoy Neiman Fellowship / J. Neiman, New York, 2011-13

Martin Birnbaum Scholarship / Amb. Javits, New York, 2012-13

Visual Arts Program Fellowship, Columbia University, New York, 2011-12

The PostContemporary, CAC Troy, New York, 2009

Pont Aven School of Contemporary Art, Pont Aven, Brittany, France, 2006

Yamasa Institute, Okazaki, Japan, 2006

ECIS Award for International Understanding, Hong Kong, 2004

Harvard GSD Career Discovery Architecture, Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2003

Tufts UEC in Talloires, Annecy, France, 2002


Selected Exhibitions : P L A Y ` P R E S S ,


:: solo


- Die Fermentierten, Arts of the Working Class, Berlin, Germany

- BLUE I AM, The Courtyard House, Aurora, OR

- BLUE RANE, Aspen Crane, North Oaks, MN


- An Intimate Distance, Asia Art Archive in America, Brooklyn, NY


- Weather Trust / Between Stars: Offer Balancing Scenarios, Thomas Erben Gallery, New York, NY

- EXPRESS LABOUR, A muse B ending C hair, PRACTICE, New York, NY


- All Bodies of Water Always Reflect the Moon, Picture Room, New York, NY


- Body Temperature, CoWorkerProjects, New York, NY

- d.t.e.m.h. ( __ ) / __ , Angkrit Gallery (curated by Ubatsat Sutta), Chiang Rai, Thailand 

- d.t.e.m.h. ( __ ), Angkrit Gallery, Chiang Rai, Thailand 

- d.t.e.m.h. (whence with (in) a garden an egg gave breath), Gallery Seescape, Chiang Mai, Thailand


- Residues, Yale-China, Yale University, New Haven, CT 


- (O) temae, The Art of Tea, Fringe Gallery, Hong Kong, HK


:: group


- SEMOH REHTE for Pure Reason|Being Theoria: the 4th Hangzhou Triennial of Fiber Art (curated by Liu Tian), Hangzhou Museum, Hangzhou, China

- Die Fermentierten for The Consonant Unknown (curated by Shen Xin), Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN + The Swiss Institute, New York, NY


- Production in Plural : The 4th Global Overseas Chinese Artists Exhibition (curated by Li Beike), He Xiangning Art Museum, Shenzhen, China

- The Mandarins, Tropical Lab 15: Interdependencies (curated by Anca Rujoiu), Praxis Space, Institute of Contemporary Arts, Singapore

- An Archive Of Fermented Objects, Dietikon Projecktraum, Dietikon, Switzerland

- 3131 (+ ROOM), Social Photography IX (+ Archive), Carriage Trade, New York, NY


- Parterre, Yokohama Triennale Special Commission for AFTERGLOW: Episode 10 Interstitium (curated by Raqs Media Collective), Yokohama, Japan

- Tiger One, in collaboration with wang xu for Drawn: concept + craft (curated by wendy earle, tomas vu, brian novanty), SECCA, Winston-Salem, NC

- Mountain Dream Orgel, When the Globe is Home, Art Theorema 2: Imago Mundi (curated by Claudio Scoretti and Irina Ungureanu), Gallerie delle Prigioni, Treviso, Italy

- Reggies Way, Social Photography VIII, Carriage Trade, New York, NY


- TEXT (curated by Michael Holden), Park Place Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

- hic sunt leones (here be dragons) x GWBJ2019 Up & Coming sector (curated by Lu Mingjun), 798, Beijing, China

- WE NY (U.R.O), SOCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY VII, Carriage Trade, New York, NY


- 12th Shanghai Biennale x ARTFORUM (curated by Guo Juan), Power Station of Art, Shanghai, China

- Maybe Maybe, in collaboration with Wang Xu for Art Sanya, Hainan, China

- Residency Artists Exhibition, Barry Room, Taipei Artist Village, Taipei, Taiwan

- ROOM, SOCIAL PHOTOGRAPHY VI, Carriage Trade, New York, NY

- Lakeside Stories, Galerie im Schloss Procia, Spittal/Drau, Austria


- PLANTLIFE, Landschaft, Banana Apple Apple, Scraggly Beard Grandpa, CAPSULE, Shanghai, China

- MILK TEETH Percer ces premieres dents, Social Photography V, Carriage Trade, New York, NY

- Lakeside Stories, Alte Post, Vienna, Austria


-Soft Haze, Thomas Erben Gallery, New York, NY

-Outside Text (curated by Karl Holmqvist), Chiang Mai University Art Center, Chiang Mai, Thailand

-Yaji, U3 - 8th Triennial of Contemporary Art in Slovenia, curated by Boris Groys, Ljubljana, Slovenia


-Sense (avascularemain), a transcribed collaboration with JaeWook Lee, Singapore Open Media Art Festival, Singapore

-ROUND ROBIN, Ogura Gallery, CCA Kitakyushu, Kitakyushu, Japan


- LunarmagmaoceanLove (Curated by JaeWook Lee), NUTUREart Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

- The Matricide (An Artificial Grammar for Nature), in collaboration with JaeWook Lee (curated by Steven h. Madoff), CP Projects Space, New York, NY

- When All Things Evaporate, We’ll Talk About Minerals (Curated by JaeWook Lee), Pioneer Works, Brooklyn, NY

- 12.41.41, Social Photography IV, Emily Harvey Foundation + Carriage Trade, New York, NY

- Zodiac in the house of Element, Pongnoi Art Space, Chiang Mai, Thailand

- Conscious/Consciousness: all rising boats lift tides, PUBLIC/PRIVATE, SpringBreakArtShow, Old Schoolhouse, New York NY

- PAGE179 ARTFORUM, September 2013, Brennan & Griffin, New York, NY 


- Echo: The Poetics of Translation, Tropical Lab 7, ICAS, McNally Gallery, LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore

- Photogravure at Columbia, LeRoy Neiman Gallery, Columbia University, New York, NY

- I Wish I Had A Wish To Wish Away, WISHMEME, SpringBreakArtShow, Old Schoolhouse, New York, NY

- Live Archive, Crucible Building, Pittsburgh, PA

- Lake M, Social Photography III, Carriage Trade, New York, NY

- MFA Thesis (curated by Fionn Meade), Columbia University, Emily Fisher Landau Center, Queens, NY

- Magical Thinking, (curated by Dana Liss & Juliette Premmereur), 200 Livingston, Brooklyn, NY


- Home Goods, CourtSquare, Queens, NY

- Art and Social Activism, Nicholas Cohn Art Projects, Queens, NY

- Talent 2012, Ethan Cohen Fine Arts, New York, NY

- First Year MFA Show (curated by Anna Craycroft), Miriam & Ira D. Wallach Gallery, Columbia University, New York, NY

- Outside Mediation, Green Gallery, Yale University, New Haven, CT


- Up Against the Wall Motherf***** , LeRoy Neiman Gallery, Columbia University, New York, NY

- A Place to Which We Can Come, (curated by Serra Sabuncuoglu), Brooklyn, NY


- Winter Salon: In Synthesis, Bjorn Ressle Art Projects, Elga Wimmer Gallery, New York, NY


- Upstate Residues, CAC at Woodside, Troy, NY 


- Thesis, Yale University, Green Gallery, New Haven, CT 

- Abstractions, Yale University, Branford College, New Haven, CT


- Drawing Architecture, AACC, Yale University, New Haven, CT 


- Pont Aven SCA Summer Exhibition, Green Gallery, Yale University, New Haven, CT


:: vox / readings & performances


- Nuwa, Han Immortal for Two Immortals Dream of Red Maples (screenplay by Carol Brash), MCFGS, Saint Paul, MN


- ZaoZhongWan (Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner) podcast in collaboration with Shen Xin for Sunken Garden, OCAT Shanghai, China

SEY EYE: The Piano Poems, for My Word (curated by moguLUOBO) toward You Have My Word, The Poetry Project, New york, NY

Grey Hey, A performance whereabouts a walk, The Swiss Institute, New York, NY


- Phalen Garden Expansion with Parks & Recreation for the City of Saint Paul, Saint Paul, MN

- COME: The Piano Poems, New Social Environment #324 in light of Albert Pinkham Ryder, The Brooklyn Rail, Brooklyn, NY

- An Archive of Foraged Ferments with Ali Van (curated by Florida Ferment Fest), Tampa Bay, FL


- Into All That Will Come, The Room of Spirit and Time, Queens Museum, Queens, NY


- Sacred Ties, DEVOTION, Volume 3, Far_Near Media (Fashioned by Commission NYC, Directed by Lulu Yao Gioiello), Brooklyn NY

- An Intentional Distance, Park Place Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

- HAIL, a disembodied voice for Consuelo Jimenez Underwood's Apocalyptic Rain, Providence, RI


- Life and Death of A Plant, CAPSULE, Shanghai, China

- A Romance embodied for Ian Kiefer's Leave Me Alone, music video direction by Will Denis, New York, NY

- Summer wind before rain, a distilled spirit for Wang Xu as displaced storm princess, Pioneer Works, Brooklyn, NY


- OOOL, a disembodied voice for Cedric Maridet as wind with Beckett’s Worstward Ho, Paris, France

- How Is The Weather?, a disembodied voice as bedtime story for Song Ta, (Transcription by Bill He), New York, NY 

- Nothing-Nothing, an embodied voice in folk song for Wang Xu for Eve and David, lyrics by Gao Jiafeng, New York, NY


- (avascularemain), an embodied voice with excerpt from Breton’s Mad Love as domesticate feed + hydration for scented plants, New York, NY


- (r{O, acushla}, as lyricizing agent for Jaewook Lee, NURTUREart Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

- Watermelon Greetings, a disembodied voice for Fritz Donnelly as puppeted Keats, New York, NY

- Body Temperature (in) An Embodied Voice Transcribed, as feed to Bataille’s The Solar Anus: Visions of Excess, New York, NY

- Werner Herzog on Wrestlemania, a disembodied voice for Peter Clough as The Most Beautiful Font in the World, Sister Sylvester, Brooklyn, NY


- The End of History: Huang Wei, a disembodied voice for Alan Oei as umbra to Foucault’s Las Meninas: The Order of Things, Evil Empire, Singapore

- r{O, acushla}, LASALLE College of the Arts, ICAS, Singapore

- d.t.e.m.h. (play,plexus), apopemptica with Trevor Wilson, Ethan Woods, Michael Chinworth, Geoffrey Van, Emily Fisher Landau Center, Queens, NY

- d.t.e.m.h. (eat225), parley prop. with Sanford Kwinter, Emily Fisher Landau Center, Queens, NY

- d.t.e.m.h. (eat225), IAC Spring Salon, Columbia University, New York, NY

- it's a long way down / back to the place where we started from, a re-performance of Yvonne Rainer by Georgia Wall, Woods Cooperative, Queens, NY


-Banananation, Up Against the Wall Mother F*****, LeRoy Neiman Gallery, Columbia University, New York, NY 



Geologies , Epitaphs  ((Systems, Curatorials, Archives))


- Professor, professional practices in the Arts, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

- Lecturer (invited by Shen Xin for professional practices in the arts), University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

- on re/Discovery, Object Lessons Space x Ali Van (Creative Conversations Interview with Qiutong Zhai), Singapore

- Guest Critic (invited by Andrew Heid for M. Arch graduate mid-review), School of Architecture, The Pratt Institute , Brooklyn, NY



- Book of work of body Book of treesCosmic Bulletin, Institute of the Cosmos (IOTC), New York, NY

- Limits of Compassion (on Moral Imagination), Yale International Alliance (YIA), New Haven, CT (ongoing)

- Ali Van dot XYZ, Bluebook Codex, North Oaks, MN

- Board Member, Minnesota China Friendship Garden Society (MCFGS), Saint Paul, MN (ongoing)

- Member, Minnesota Jung Association (ongoing)


- Aspen Crane, a cabin in the woods, in collaboration with Locus Architecture + Yanz Builders, North Oaks, Mn (ongoing)

- AERIAL for THE LANDLORD IS COMING: Arts of the Working Class (AWC 14), Berlin, Germany

- NOWEMUST, Daily Trumpet (curated by Jonathan Horowitz) for Instagram (12.29.20)

- Lecturer (invited by Taro Masushio for Advanced Photography), UC Berkeley, San Francisco, CA

- ROLODEX dot IO, Berlin, Germany

- AFT dot MOBI, Ali's Table for A.F.T., Saint Paul, MN

- Queens Museum Home Visit, Artists in (their) Residence, TRST, Queens Museum, Queens, NY (7.29.20)

- An Intimate Distance, Tenth Anniversary Performance by Ali Van, reflection by Mimi Wong for Asia Art Archive in America, Brooklyn NY (7.26.20)

- LADY LAY, Critics Page (curated by Olivier Berggruen) for July/August Issue of The Brooklyn Rail, Brooklyn NY

- a lady lay a (MOTILE BLUE), July/August Issue Cover for The Brooklyn Rail, Brooklyn NY


- HQL-328 (HK-NY), HQL-329 (HK-IL) for Display Distribute / LIGHT LOGISTICIAN (curated by Elaine W. Ho), Hong Kong, HK

- COMMONPLACE for WHO CARES: Arts of the Working Class (AWC 9), Berlin, Germany


- Founding Editor, ROLODEX, Seawitch, Lantau Island, HK (ongoing)

- Digital Intercourse, a Forward for Patrick Meagher toward Face it, Crosby Street Press, New York, NY

- Social Photography VI, The Brooklyn Rail, NY (7.11.18)


ALI VAN: EXPRESS LABOUR, review by Mimi Wong for ArtAsiaPacific, New York, NY (2.15.17)

- SoART ARTISTS 2013-2016 #3, Sofiensaele, Vienna, Austria

- Seawitch dot IO, Lantau Island, HK

- Commonplace: an excerpt for New Visual Values (curated + published by TARWUK), Zagreb, Croatia + New York, NY


- Board Member, The Sea Ranch, Lantau Island, HK (ongoing)

- Lecturer, (invited by Sakura Maku for advanced drawing to print), School of Visual Arts, New York, NY

- To Plumb dot com, Happy Valley, HK

BUM (A Proposition for a Mud Garden), The Land Foundation, Chiang Mai, Thailand + Social Capital, Hong Kong, HK

d.t.e.m.h. ( __ ) / __ / (     ), Chiang Mai, Thailand

SEVERN, Visitations & Geographies, Hong Kong, HK


- Seawitch, a studio by the sea, in collaboration with Neil Logan and Kuilun Wong, Lantau island, hk

-The Prisoner of S-x for New Visual Values (curated + Published by TARWUK) Zagreb, Croatia + New York, NY


- BIO or O, acushla? or ALL BODIES OF WATER ALWAYS REFLECT THE MOON always, Body Temperature, Vienna, Austria

- Gravity Rush Alphabet, (A), a collaboration with Alina Kolar, Vienna, Austria 

- When All Things Evaporate, We’ll Talk About Minerals, the magazine, New York, NY

- a Kitchen, a Living Room, a Study, a Bathroom, a Bed, Happy Valley, Hong Kong, HK

- The Moist Home, an essay on Ali Van by Ubatsat Sutta (translated by Chomwan Weeraworawit), Chiang Mai, Thailand

- In Chiang Mai, Thailand, a Hub for Creative Types, New York Times, New York, NY (2.13.14)

- “d.t.e.m.h.”, Hip, Fine Art Magazine, Bangkok, Thailand


- Tableau Vivant, Petit Mort, review by Jorge A. Perez, The Camera Club New York, NY (5.13.13)

- (x)27.9167N.1222E 122.3964N.114.1095E(y), print edition, LeRoy Neiman Center for Print Studies, Columbia University, New York, NY

- Teaching Assistant, Graphic Novel I/II with Tomas Vu-Daniel, Columbia University, New York, NY 


- Teaching Assistant, Advanced Printmaking with Sarah Sze, Kiki Smith, and Valerie Hammond, Columbia University, New York NY

- Independent Study with Mark Dion, Columbia University, New York, NY 


- Neiman Fellow, LeRoy Neiman Center for Print Studies, Columbia University, New York, NY (2011-2013)

- Teaching Assistant, Relief I/II with Jennifer Nuss, Columbia University, New York, NY

- An Interview with Ali Van, Asian Contemporary Art Week, New York, NY (3.28.11)


- Alexandra Van dot com, New York, NY (origin 2009) + Saint Paul, MN (2021 revamp)

- Programme Director, Asia Art Archive in America, Brooklyn, NY (2009-2011)


- Assistant Curator, M.Arch Thesis Projects, Architecture Gallery, Yale University, New Haven, CT

- An Interview with Ali Van, Art Thesis Projects, Yale Daily News, Yale University (4.22.08)

- Ice Cream Series I, The Yale Literary Magazine, Vol 20, Iss I

- Plan Synesthesia II, Dimensions, Journal of Art and Art History, Yale University, Vol III Iss I


- Lecturer, (invited by Andrea Neidhoefer), Shanghai Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai, China

- An Analysis (Grove Cemetery) and a Mapping (Graphite), The Yale Literary Magazine, Vol 19 Iss I

- An Interview: Visual Distractions & Recycling Art, Dimensions, Journal of Art and Art History, Yale University, Vol II Iss II

- Espial II, Dimensions, Journal of Art and Art History, Yale University, Vol II Iss I

- Dwelling IV, Form II, Untitled, Calliope, Branford Literary Magazine, Yale University, Iss Fall


- Docent, Yale Center for British Art, Yale University, New Haven, CT 


- Co-Editor, yPages, Asian Literary Magazine, Yale University, New Haven, CT

- Co-Chair, SPARK, Arts & Crafts for New Haven Children, New Haven, CT

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